Who Can Be An Expert Witness

Who can be an Expert Witness? A Building Expert Witness must be a highly regarded Building Professional in their chosen field. The more experience, the more credible the Expert Witness and the more likely to be called upon to offer their opinion. A Building Expert Witness must have good communication skills and be able to Read More

What Are Expert Witnesses

What are Expert Witnesses? A Building Expert Witness is a person who is experienced and qualified to know and testify about a specific aspect of Building work They are able to confirm or deny that something has been done or calculated correctly. The Expert Witness’ opinion is valued by the court and it should provide Read More

What Is Life Cycle Costing

What Is Life Cycle Costing? Life Cycle Costing identifies and documents all the potential costs involved over the life of an Asset. Life Cycle Costing is extremely useful to help Building Owners and Managers to make decisions about when to maintain, renovate or dispose of a Building Asset. It analyses a Building Asset’s known Costs Read More

Who’s Involved With Building Asset Management

Who’s Involved With Building Asset Management? Building Asset Management, done properly needs the support of the whole Organisation from the top down and the bottom up. Without Organisational commitment the program will be lacking in achieving its objectives. An Asset Management Team would typically have members on its team from areas of Asset Management, Finance, Read More

What Is ISO 55000

What Is ISO 55000? ISO 55000 is a new international Standard on Asset Management that was released in January 2014. It is based on Publically Available Standard – PAS 55. It contains three documents. The first is about the Overview, Principles and Terminology. The second is about the requirements for Asset Management Systems and the Read More

Benefits Of Building Asset Management

Benefits Of Building Asset Management The benefits are better Accountability, established and agreed Levels of Service, Risk Management and Financial Management. Not only are there cost savings for individual Buildings through Building Asset Management, but when linked together a more Strategic Planning process for the best usage of these Buildings emerges. It enables the defining Read More

Building Asset Register

Building Asset Register A Building Asset Register is a list or database of information of about the Buildings that a particular Organisation owns or administers. Where there is a Portfolio of Buildings that an organisation or Government Body owns it is necessary for them to be assessed and put on a Building Asset Register. With Read More

Building Asset Management Plan

Building Asset Management Plan A Building Asset Management Plan (AMP) sets defined Levels of Service, Costs and Operational Plans for a Building through-out its Life Cycle. It sets out a proactive methodology for the Management of Building Assets under an Organisation’s control. Building Asset Management Plans are usually prepared for all Buildings in a Property Read More

What Is Arbitration

What is Arbitration? Arbitration is a process for two or more parties to refer their dispute to a third independent body for determination. There are many different legal areas that require Arbitration, however each State has their own respective Bodies that deals specially with Building Project disputes. Some States offer an Early Dispute Resolution Service Read More

What Are Drawdown Certifications

What are Drawdown Certifications? Drawdown Certifications are verified Progress Payments from your Lender, directly to your Builder to pay for work done on your Building Project. They are called Drawdown Certifications, because usually a third party, such as a Quantity Surveyor or Estimator has to ‘certify’ that the ‘drawdown’ of available loan funds corresponds to Read More