What Is Assessing Work In Progress

What is Assessing Work in Progress? Assessing the value of Work in Progress is an essential part of properly financially managing a Building Project. This is particularly important when reaching key stages of a Building Project and Progress Payments are required to be claimed and processed. For example, the key stages of a Building Project Read More

Benefits Of Forecasting And Reporting

What are the benefits of Forecasting and Reporting? The main benefit of Forecasting and Reporting is that the Cost of the Building Project is monitored through-out the Building Project. This means that as long as there are no major changes to the Scope of Works and/or Variations then the costs should be in accordance with Read More

Who Does Forecasting And Reporting

Who does Forecasting and Reporting? On larger Building Projects, Forecasting and Reporting is usually done by Cost Consultants such as Quantity Surveyors and Estimators. They give advice and provide estimates on the Cost of the Building Project. This involves linking the Building Project Program and Budget to the Current Expenditure and making sure that there Read More

What Do I Need To Get Variations Done

What will I need to get Variations done? Precise details of the changes will be required, so that they can be priced and agreed upon by You and the Builder. You would require the Drawings, Specifications and Contract Documentation, to check and confirm the changes and value of the Work Item. For example, if an Read More

Who Does Variations

Who does Variations? With Residential Building Contracts, Variations are usually agreed directly between you and the Builder. If you want to make changes to the Contract then it is done by agreeing what needs to be changed and then agreeing on how much the Variation will add or subtract from the original Building Contract price. Read More

What Are Variations

What are Variations? Variations are costed changes in the Scope of Work of a Building Project and determine how much the original Contract Price will need to be adjusted. Variations are Items that change during the Construction period of the Building Project, that were not as agreed when the Contract was originally signed. As an Read More

What Do I Need For Building Contract Administration

What do I provide to get Building Contract Administration done? It would require the Drawings, Specifications and Contract Documentation, to get a Building Contract Administrator established, depending on the size and complexity of the Building Project. From this information a Building Contract Administrator could start to understand and provide appropriate Building Contract Administration to complete Read More

When To Use Building Contract Administration

When do I need Building Contract Administration? On smaller Building Projects the Building Contract Administration is usually looked after by the Builder. When the Building Project is larger, it may require a specific person to make sure that all the Building Contracts are let and co-ordinated so that the Building Project process flows smoothly. This Read More

Benefits Of Building Contract Administration

What are the benefits of Building Contract Administration? Building Contract Administration ensures that all Building Contracts are organized and run smoothly in co-ordination with the Building Project Plan. This means that the Contracts are put out to Tender at the right times and that the Construction portion occurs in co-ordination with all the other Building Read More

Who Does Building Contract Administration

Who does Building Contract Administration? The person who does this work is usually called a Building Project Contract Administrator, but they can be from any Trade or Professional Building Background. On smaller Building Projects an individual Builder takes on the work involved with Building Contract Administration. The role of a Building Contract Administrator, is normally Read More