Who Does Tax Depreciation Schedules

Who does Tax Depreciation Schedules? The Australian Tax Office recognises Quantity Surveyors, as the properly qualified people to do Tax Depreciation Schedules. This is because Quantity Surveyors, (that are also registered as Tax Agents), are able to appropriately calculate the value of construction costs of Buildings and Structures where the value is unknown. They are Read More

When To Get A Tax Depreciation Schedule Done

When should I get a Tax Depreciation Schedule done? Tax Depreciation Schedules on buildings (new or old) should be completed around the time of settlement, if possible. This makes it easier for the Quantity Surveyor to evaluate your true actual investment property value when it has been acquired, before any further changes have been made. Read More

Price Variations For Tax Depreciation Schedules

Price Variations for Tax Depreciation Schedules Why does the price of getting a Tax Depreciation Schedule done vary so much between Suppliers? Like everything … You get what you pay for! Some Tax Depreciation Schedules are not actually fully performed by a qualified Quantity Surveyor. For example, a Quantity Surveyor may not personally visit your Read More

Information Needed To Get A Tax Depreciation Schedule

What will I need to get a Tax Depreciation Schedule done? The important things are: Your Name, Contact Number, Email Address, Property Type, Property Address and Age of Property, as well as Settlement Date. Whatever Drawings, Specifications or other documentation you have on the Construction of the Investment Property could also be helpful for the Read More

Tax Depreciation Schedule Information

Tax Depreciation Schedule Information Who uses the Tax Depreciation Schedule Information? Tax Depreciation Schedules are used mainly by Accountants to help calculate a Clients Tax position before lodging a Tax Return with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). After having a Tax Depreciation Schedule completed by a suitably qualified and competent Quantity Surveyor, it can be Read More

What are the benefits of a Tax Depreciation Schedule

What are the benefits of a Tax Depreciation Schedule? The main benefit of getting a Tax Depreciation Schedule done is that it puts money back into your pocket. In the vast majority of cases, the amount of depreciation able to be claimed, may far exceed the cost of getting the Schedule done in the first Read More

Tax Depreciation Schedules On Older Properties

Tax Depreciation Schedules on Older Properties Should I get a Tax Depreciation Schedule done for an older property? In most cases … Yes! Regardless or the age of the building, it is always worthwhile inquiring about getting a Tax Depreciation Schedule done. A lot of people think that because their investment property is old, that Read More

Tax Depreciation Schedule Costs

How much do Tax Depreciation Schedules cost? Some Residential Tax Depreciation Schedules start for as little as $250.00 and can cost upwards of $700.00. Costs for Tax Depreciation Schedules can vary widely. For Residential investment properties, most Quantity Surveyors have a Standard Fee, but this may increase for properties outside of metropolitan areas. The main Read More