Quantity Costs at the Construction Stage

… Now comes the exciting time of seeing your dream actually being built.

Building Construction CostingsWhen you have decided on what type of Building you want and all the Designing and Planning is now behind you the reality of the Construction Stage begins.

Even though all the Plans and Specifications have been done and the Contracts are in place, making sure that Building Project Costs and Quality Control are closely monitored is a very important part of the Construction Stage.

The three major areas included here are; Building Contract Administration, Forecasting and Reporting and Contract Law.

These are all key components to help you to potentially monitor and to deal with the Quantity Cost issues that may arise in the Building Construction Phase.

Making sure that the Building Contract Documentation is followed, along with any agreed changes or Variations to the Scope of Work of the Building Project is a major part of a Building Project. When there are legal disagreements over Building Costs, often Quantity Cost Professionals are called in to provide their expertise in resolving these matters.

If you need an appropriate Quantity Cost Professional to assist you at the Construction Stage, tell us what type of Building Project you are doing and we will find suitable Quantity Surveyors or Estimators.

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It can help your Building Project to run a lot smoother as well as saving you time, money and effort.

Contract Administration
Forecasting and Reporting
Contract Law