Contract Law

What is Contract Law?

What Is Contract Law?Building Contract Law is the legal aspect that is enforced when a Building Project doesn’t go as expected and there are disagreements that need to be resolved.

Sometimes your Building Project may have legal issues that need to be resolved and reaching an agreement with the relevant parties may not be easy to achieve.

In most cases problems can be sorted out between the parties involved without any further action required, however where the problem can’t be resolved some further action must be taken such as Arbitration or taken to Court.

In Contract Law issues about payments and amounts, Quantity Surveyors are very useful for helping you to determine how much has been spent to date, on your Building Project and how much it will cost to complete it.

They can assist in the mediation process by providing their experience and knowledge to come up with a solution that satisfies all parties

As Building Contracts normally have three types of documentation, the Building Contract, Specifications and the Drawings, a Quantity Surveyor is a person who is very familiar with all of these and can help you to understand your position better.

When dealing with Building Contract Law, as well as good Legal representation, you need the right factual information about your Building Project.

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