What are the benefits of an Expert Witness?

What are the Benefits of an Expert Witness?

The benefits of using a good Building Expert Witness are that their testimony is hard to dispute.

They are recognised experts in their chosen field and their opinions are widely accepted in a Court of Law.

Building Expert Witnesses are good Communicators and are able to stand up well to cross-examination. They can also express themselves in clear and simple terms and be able to explain their case with consistency and a lack of bias.

Having a Building Expert Witness provide evidence in a case should encourage parties to settle and assist in resolving the dispute, due to their impartiality and ethical standards.

Building Expert Witnesses provide opinions that can be described to be expert evidence. It can cover such areas as: Explaining Terminology, providing evidence based facts and a Professional Opinion.

Many Quantity Surveyors are able to assist in resolving legal disputes, by providing their experience and knowledge and coming up with a solution that all parties can accept.

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