What are Expert Witnesses?

What Are Expert Witnesses?

A Building Expert Witness is a person who is experienced and qualified to know and testify about a specific aspect of Building work

They are able to confirm or deny that something has been done or calculated correctly.

The Expert Witness’ opinion is valued by the court and it should provide a clearer unbiased Professional viewpoint of a situation that can be complex and difficult to understand by those not familiar with Building Projects.

Expert Witnesses should always have duty to the court as their first consideration. Which means that they must be impartial in their testimony regardless of their Client.

When dealing with Building Project disputes about payments and amounts, Quantity Surveyors can be very useful as Expert Witnesses to help you to determine how much has been spent to date, on your Building Project and how much it will cost to complete it.

Quantity Surveyors can assist in resolving legal disputes, by providing their experience and knowledge, to come up with a solution that all parties can accept.

Tell us what type of Building Project you require an Expert Witness for and we will find the right Quantity Cost Professionals for you that will help you through this legal uncertainty.

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It could help you to resolve your Building Project Issues.

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