What is Arbitration?

What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a process for two or more parties to refer their dispute to a third independent body for determination.

There are many different legal areas that require Arbitration, however each State has their own respective Bodies that deals specially with Building Project disputes.

Some States offer an Early Dispute Resolution Service for Residential Building Projects, which tries to get disputes resolved whilst construction is still being done.

Sometimes, where there is a disagreement between the Client and the Builder, some form of Arbitration by a third party can be useful to resolve the matter, which can most times, be a better solution than taking the issue further to court.

Most Arbitration disputes regarding Building Projects, combine mediation and adjudication as a way of resolving issues. 

In the situation, where the disagreement may be over the value of work, Quantity Surveyors may be called in by both parties to calculate and agree on the value of work done and agree on a settlement price.

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