Who can be an Expert Witness?

Who can be an Expert Witness?

A Building Expert Witness must be a highly regarded Building Professional in their chosen field.

The more experience, the more credible the Expert Witness and the more likely to be called upon to offer their opinion.

A Building Expert Witness must have good communication skills and be able to quickly analyse and think clearly, during cross-examination.

Flexibility is also necessary, to be able to adapt to new evidence being introduced into a case and to be able to assess its implications accurately.

A Quantity Surveyor for example, must have at least 10 years of experience in their specific area of expertise to hold credibility as an Expert Witness.

Building Expert Witnesses can be quite costly and normally charge by hourly rate. They are not however, as costly as Expert Witnesses in other Professional areas.

Quantity Surveyors can assist in resolving legal disputes, by providing their experience and knowledge to come up with a solution that all parties can agree on.

If you require a Building Expert Witness, tell us what type of Building Project Issue you have and we will find the right Quantity Cost Professionals for you that will help you with your dispute.

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