Do Quantity Surveyors Inspect Building Work?

Do Quantity Surveyors inspect work carried out by Builders and Developers?Quantity surveyors DO inspect work done by builders and developers, not only to make sure that it is of the right quality and timing, but also that is of the right value.

When a Quantity Surveyor inspects work done by your Builder, it is normally to approve the Progress Payments you will be paying to the Builder, for the value of work that he has done.

Therefore it is imperative that the Quantity Surveyor does the inspection properly!

The inspections are done at key stages throughout your Building Project and if the work has been done satisfactorily, then the Quantity Surveyor will be able to approve a Progress Payment to the Builder.

Depending on the size of the Building Project, there may be many Progress Payments made to your Builder throughout the life of the Project.

The Quantity Surveyor will use Forecasting and Reporting to make sure that the Building Project is on track and that it is following the original Construction Program and Budget Estimates carefully.

When inspecting work carried out by Builders for Costing Purposes, it is essential that you use experienced and qualified Quantity Cost Professionals, such as Quantity Surveyors to ensure that work on your Building Project, is being correctly inspected and evaluated.

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