Quantity Costs Services

There are a wide range of Quantity Cost Services required over the life of a Building.

The three major Stages of any Building are the Plan / Design Stage, the Construction Stage and the Maintenance Stage, or more simply Before, During and After Construction.

Each Stage has been divided into the following Categories:

Building Costings ServicesPlan/Design

– Feasibility Studies
– Building Budgets
– Building Tender Process


– Building Contract Administration
– Forecasting and Reporting
– Contract Law

Building Costings Services ManagementMaintenance

– Building Condition Assessments
– Replacement Cost Estimates
– Sinking Fund Budgets
– Tax Depreciation Schedules


Through-out these Building Stages there are three Management Areas that are inter-connected in the life of the Building. They are:


– Building Project Management
– Facility Management
– Building Asset Management

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Feasibility Studies

Building Asset Management

Building Budgets

Building Condition Assessments

Building Project Management

Building Tender Process

Contract Administration

Contract Law

Facility Management

Forecasting and Reporting

Replacement Cost Estimates

Sinking Fund Budgets

Tax Depreciation Schedules