Quantity Costs at the Maintenance Stage

As an investment, Buildings require consideration and care for the future.

Building Maintainance CostingsAfter the construction of the Building is completed, it doesn’t take too long before maintenance problems arise, as well as Insurance and Depreciation issues.

The four major areas covered here include; Building Condition Assessments, Replacement Cost Estimates, Sinking Funds and Tax Depreciation Schedules.

These are all key components to help you to monitor and to deal with the potential Cost Issues that may arise after the Building has been constructed.

Building Condition Assessments are necessary to determine Building faults and deterioration issues that can be costed, budgeted and fixed.

Replacement Cost Estimates are done to make sure that your Property is adequately insured.

Sinking Funds are necessary to make sure that people who own Units, Townhouses and Commercial Properties are getting their properties assessed, budgeted and maintained on a regular basis.

Tax Depreciation Schedules are great opportunities to reclaim back some of your hard earned money that you have put into your Investment Property.

If you need an appropriate Quantity Cost Professional to assist you at the Maintenance Stage, tell us what you require assistance with and we will find suitable Quantity Surveyors or Estimators.

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Building Condition Assessments
Replacement Cost Estimates
Sinking Fund
Tax Depreciation Schedules