What are the benefits of Building Assessments?

What are the Benefits of Building Assessments?

They let you know a Buildings true Condition when purchasing; they assist in calculating Maintenance Expenditure; and ensure that Safety and Compliance Issues are up to date.

A Building Condition Assessment can bring together the Maintenance Work Items that need doing, as well as costing and budgeting them into Building and Facility Management Plans.

Many Facility Managers have been doing Building Condition Assessments to examine the Costs and Financial benefits of Green Construction. There are many environmental and cost-saving benefits in water and energy reduction schemes. By doing ‘before’ and ‘after’ Building Condition Assessments a comparative analysis can done to assess the value of the modifications.

Building Condition Assessments should be done by competent Assessors, to evaluate all Elements and Services of the Building and its maintenance requirements.

When the assessment is being done, it is also an opportunity to assess potential Risks associated with the Building and to provide Costs to reduce those Risks.

Ranking the urgency of Work Items can assist in prioritising Work to be done as well as distinguishing those that may have a legislative requirement to be done.

A Building Condition Assessment is a vital pre-requisite to assist with overall Facility Management and Building Asset Management

Most Quantity Surveyors are qualified and experienced to carry out Building Condition Assessments and to customise them, to meet your requirements. Just tell us what type of Building you need to get a Building Condition Assessment done for and we will find suitable Quantity Cost Professionals for you.

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It can save you substantial amounts of time and money

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