What are Building Risk Assessments?

What Are Building Risk Assessments?

Risk is the chance of something happening that will impact on the Building and people who have a connection to it.

The level of Risk is calculated by multiplying the Likelihood of the Risk occurring by the potential Consequences of the Risk occurring.

Building Risk Analysis is assessing the likelihood of Risk Item occurring and what the consequences would be if that Risk Item did occur. From this analysis a Risk management Plan can be developed to make people aware of the Risks and to also reduce them.

Building Risk Analysis Assessments should be done by competent Assessors, to evaluate all Elements and Services of the Building and its maintenance requirements. Firstly they should identify the Hazards and consider how and who could be affected by the Hazard.

Anything significant, needs to be evaluated, recorded and reported on. Precautions need to be put in place and the Risk eliminated as much as possible. A Building Risk Analysis Assessment should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

When the assessment is being done, it is also an opportunity to assess potential Risks associated with the Building and to provide Costs to reduce those Risks.

Ranking the urgency of Work Items can assist in prioritising Work to be done as well as distinguishing those that may have a legislative requirement to be done.

Most Quantity Surveyors are perfectly suited to carry out Building Risk Analysis Assessments and to Cost the Work required to make your Building comply. Just tell us what type of Building/s you need to get a Building Risk Analysis Assessment done for and we will find suitable Quantity Cost Professionals for you.

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It can help you to make your Building safer and well as saving time, cost and worry.

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