When would I need a Building Assessment?

When Would I Need a Building Assessment?

Building Assessments are normally done at Key Stages in a Buildings life.

These Key Stages could include: when a Building is about to be bought or sold; to meet Safety and Compliance Regulations; or as part of a Programmed Maintenance System.

Getting a regular Building Condition Assessment done with suitably approved Budget funding, will preserve the Building and save money over its Life Cycle.

Building Condition Assessments should be done by competent Building Assessors, to evaluate all Elements and Services of the Building and its maintenance requirements. 

When the Building Condition Assessment is being done, it is also an opportunity to assess potential Risks associated with the Building and to provide Costs, to reduce those Risks.

Ranking the urgency of Work Items, can assist in prioritising Work to be done as well as distinguishing those that may have a legislative requirement.

A Building Assessment is a vital pre-requisite to assist with overall Facility Management and Building Asset Management Planning. 

Quantity Surveyors are perfectly suited to carry out Building Condition Assessments and to customise them, to meet your requirements. Just tell us what type of Building you need to get a Building Condition Assessment done for and we will find suitable Quantity Cost Professionals for you.

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It can save you a lot of time, money and worry.

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