Can I Get A Quantity Surveyor To Value A Property For Me?

Can I get a Quantity Surveyor to value a Property for me?Yes and No! Quantity Surveyors do Replacement Cost Valuations not Property Valuations

Property Valuations and Replacement Cost Valuations often get confused

Property Valuations

A Property Valuation is when you are thinking about selling a Property and you want to find out how much money it would sell for in the current market. The best people to talk to about this, would be a Real Estate Agent or a Property Valuer.

Replacement Cost Valuations (Replacement Cost Estimates)

Replacement Cost Valuations are normally done by a Quantity Surveyor, to work out how much it would cost to replace a Building on your Property.

The Replacement Cost Valuation is used primarily for insurance purposes.

It helps you when you are calculating out how much money you need to be insured for, should your building need to be replaced, due to a catastrophe such as a Fire or Storm Damage, etc …

By calculating your Replacement Cost Valuation a Quantity Surveyor can take the worry out of you knowing whether you are adequately insured.

Just tell us what type of Building you have and we will find a suitable Quantity Cost Professional to do a Replacement Cost Valuation for you.

Fill in your details, on the top right hand side of your screen now. It can save you time, money and worry.

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