Do I need A Replacement Cost Estimate?

If you have a property that you want to insure for the full reinstatement Cost then … Yes!

Do I Need a Replacement Cost Estimate?If you are an individual owner of property it is your choice and you alone are responsible to make sure that your property is adequately insured.

If you are in a Body Corporate / Owners Corporation then it is the responsibility of the Committee to agree to get a Replacement Cost Estimate for the relevant Common areas. In the event of a claim, this could save thousands of dollars, if the Building is under-insured or not insured at all.

You should have ‘peace of mind’ about knowing that if the worst was to happen to your Building Property and Structures, that you would be adequately insured and you would not be out of pocket.

Knowing that it came from a reputable and reliable source, such as a Quantity Surveyor, will ensure that you are adequately covered when an unfortunate event occurs.

Everybody should have a Replacement Cost Estimate, but to know that it is right, when you need it most, will really give you the assurance of being properly covered.

If you tell us what type of Building you have and we will find suitable Quantity Cost Professionals to do a Replacement Cost Estimate for you.

Just fill in your details, on the top right hand side of your screen now.

It can save you worry, time and money.

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