What do I need for a Sinking Fund Budget?

The Name, Contact Number and Email Address, along with the name and Registration Number of the Body Corporate or Owners Corporation will need to be provided.

What Information Will I Need to Provide to Get a Sinking Fund Budget/Reserve Fund Study Done?The Chairperson or Secretary of the Body Corporate or Owners Corporation are normally the people who hold this information and should be the ones authorised to give these details, unless they have engaged the Services of a Strata Manager to look after their affairs for them.

The Strata Manager can also be called a Body Corporate or Owners Corporation Manager depending on which State the Property is in.

Once a request for a Sinking Fund has been placed, access to the Client’s property will be arranged for the Quantity Surveyor via the Chairperson or the Body Corporate or Owners Corporation Property Manager.

The Quantity Surveyor will visit the property to identify, record and photograph all Programmed Maintenance Work Items. The costs and appropriate years for the Works to be budgeted for in carried out in will be established.

To get the right Quantity Cost Professionals to assist you, with getting more accurate estimates of anticipated future expenses for your Body Corporate or Owners Corporation Sinking Fund, let us help you.

Just provide your details in the box, on the top right hand side of your screen.

It can save you time, money and worry.

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