How To Save Money With A Tax Depreciation Schedule

If you’ve just bought an investment property you need to get a Tax Depreciation Schedule done.

You can save thousands of dollars, just by claiming those things that depreciate in your Investment Property.

That’s what a Tax Depreciation Schedule is. It’s a list of Items in your Investment Property that depreciates in value over time that the Government will let you claim a Tax Deduction on.

It is made up of things like the Carpets, Blinds, Dishwashers, Ovens, etc and even the Building itself.

A Tax Depreciation Schedule actually puts money back into your pocket, but you have to claim it and this is what a Tax Depreciation Schedule can do for you.

There are many Suppliers offering to do Tax Depreciation Schedules at varying prices. It is best to use Quantity Surveyors who actually visit your Investment Property and are registered Tax Agents.

Quantity Costs can help you to save lots of money now by finding the right Quantity Surveyors to prepare a Tax Depreciation Schedule for you.

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