How much do Tax Depreciation Schedules cost?

Some Residential Tax Depreciation Schedules start for as little as $250.00 and can cost upwards of $700.00.

Tax Depreciation Schedule CostsCosts for Tax Depreciation Schedules can vary widely. For Residential investment properties, most Quantity Surveyors have a Standard Fee, but this may increase for properties outside of metropolitan areas.

The main reason for such a wide price variation, seems to be that lower priced ones have a large element of self-assessment of the investment property, whilst the higher priced ones usually include a site visit to the investment property by an appropriately qualified and experienced professional.

A Tax Depreciation Schedule that has a Quantity Surveyor actually visit the investment property, will usually provide a more reliable and comprehensive document, than one that has been based on self-assessment.

For Commercial Properties the cost will depend on the type, complexity and size of the building. It is normal for a Quantity Surveyor to want to know more about the Building, prior to giving a price for doing the Tax Depreciation Schedule.

To assist you in getting a Tax Depreciation Schedule done at the right price and quality, if you tell us about the type of Building you require a Tax Depreciation Schedule for, we will find appropriate members of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) that are registered Tax Agents.

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