Quantity Costs and Management

The larger and more complex the Project, the more the requirement for good quality Management.

Management is a key part of any Building Project.

Quantity Costs ManagementBuilding Project Management uses the skills, experience of the Building Project Manager to bring all the pieces of the Building Project ‘jigsaw’ together to meet all of the Stakeholders expectations and requirements in a timely manner.

Facility Management is usually incorporated within the ‘Maintain’ stage of a Buildings Life Cycle and it brings together people from many Trade and Professional backgrounds. Facility Managers make sure that everything is functioning properly within Buildings and Spaces by developing agreed levels of Service and integrating processes and that are effective and meet their objectives.

Where an Organisation has many Buildings and Properties, Building Asset Management is a necessary process, to properly monitor and manage this portfolio of Assets. Defining and setting appropriate Levels of Service for the performance of each Building, as well as managing the Risks associated with any Asset failures are key functions of Building Asset Management.

If you need an appropriate Quantity Cost Professional to assist you any sort of Management, tell us what you require assistance with and we will find suitable Quantity Surveyors or Estimators.

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Good Management can make things to run a lot smoother, as well as saving you time, money and effort.

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