Benefits Of Building Asset Management

The benefits are better Accountability, established and agreed Levels of Service, Risk Management and Financial Management.

What are the Benefits of Building Asset Management?Not only are there cost savings for individual Buildings through Building Asset Management, but when linked together a more Strategic Planning process for the best usage of these Buildings emerges.

It enables the defining and setting defined Levels of Service for the performance of each Building and well as managing the Risks associated with any Asset failures.

Building Asset Management is a necessary part of any Organisation with a portfolio of Buildings.

It gives a clear picture what the Organisation owns, the Condition of those Buildings and where each one is at in its Life Cycle, to assist with managing the existing and future Assets to produce the required Services.

Asset Management is about the whole of a Building Assets Life and is generally classified into 4 main Stages; Planning, Acquisition, Operation/Maintenance and Disposal.

Building Asset Management can provide a better use of existing Building Assets by being able to co-ordinate needs more easily across an Organisation.

Quantity Surveyors can also play an important role in Building Asset Management and can also be of great assistance to Asset Managers.

If you require any Cost related Services for Building Asset Management, tell us what types of Buildings you have and we will find the right Quantity Cost Professionals for you.

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Building Asset Management can be very beneficial to your Organisation.

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