Building Asset Management Plan

A Building Asset Management Plan (AMP) sets defined Levels of Service, Costs and Operational Plans for a Building through-out its Life Cycle.

What is a Building Asset Management Plan?It sets out a proactive methodology for the Management of Building Assets under an Organisation’s control.

Building Asset Management Plans are usually prepared for all Buildings in a Property Portfolio owned by an organisation or Government Department. They assist in ensuring that their investment in these Buildings is well spent and that the Stakeholders are getting the Levels of Service required.

Building Asset Management Plans let Stakeholders know about and justify expenditure requirements as well as demonstrating responsible Organisational Management. They also ensure that Regulatory requirements are complied with.

Asset Management is much broader than just looking after Buildings. It is also applied to a wide variety of private and publically owned infrastructure Assets such as Water, Waste, Transport, Energy networks.

Quantity Surveyors can also play an important role in Costings for Building Asset Management Plans and can also be of great assistance to Asset Managers.

If you require any Cost related Services for Building Asset Management Plans, tell us what types of Buildings you have and we will find the right Quantity Cost Professionals for you.

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A Building Asset Management Plan is a vital Strategic Tool for your Organisation.

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