When To Use A Building Project Manager

When you are contracting Professionals and Tradespeople on a Building Project, without a key person to lead and co-ordinate them.

When should I get a Building Project Manager?It is best to get a Building Project Manager, with his skills and experience to take the lead.

In many smaller Building Projects, such as a house for example, the Building Project Manager is by default the Builder and he is the one in charge of the Project and responsible for ‘bringing it all together’.

This is fine for that particular type of Project, however as the Building Project size and its complexities increase, it becomes more necessary to have a Building Project Manager specifically involved.

The Building Project Manager should be involved early on at the Plan/Design Stage to co-ordinate all the Consultants and Stakeholders in the Building Project Design.

Building Project Managers function best when they represent the Client and are able to review progress and give instructions as if they were the Client.

This also flows through to the Construction Stage when the Building is being constructed.

Quantity Surveyors can play an important role in Building Project Management and can also make excellent Project Managers.

If you require a Building Project Manager, tell us what type of Building Project you are undertaking and we will find the right Quantity Cost Professionals for you.

Just fill in your details, on the top right hand side of your screen now.

A good Project Manager will represent your interests and save you time and money.

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