Facility Management

What is Facility Management?

What Is Facility Management?Facility Management makes sure that Buildings are run as Safely, Sustainably and efficiently as possible.

It is a relatively new Professional area within the Built Environment that brings together people from many varied disciplines to work sure that Buildings and Spaces are functioning properly by integrating processes and developing agreed levels of Service.

In Australia, the Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA) has defined three skill levels for Facility Managers; Practising, Managing and Leading Facility Managers.

Facility Management covers a wide variety of areas, such as Occupational Safety, Cleaning, Programmed and Reactive Maintenance, Cleaning, Security, Leasing, Building Changes, Inspections and Compliance.

A Facility Manager determines whether it is Cost effective to have separate external Suppliers, to make sure that the Work in each of these areas is done, or to use an Integrated Service Model, where an individual external Supplier will cover multiple or sometimes all of the required areas with one Provider.

Quantity Surveyors can play an important role in Building Facility Management and can also make excellent Facility Managers.

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