What Is A Facility Manager?

A Facility Manager is the Strategic and Operational Manager, for Buildings and Facilities to make sure that they are creating safe and productive environments for their occupants.

What Is A Facility Manager?Facility Managers focus on increasing Productivity, whilst reducing Operating Costs by improving Efficiency using Best Business Practices.

Facility Management mostly relates to larger Buildings and Complexes that have a lot of different services and maintenance activities to be dealt with.

Facility Managers are employed in both the Private and Public sectors and may work in Hospitals, Schools, Office Building, etc… Their roles can also include looking after Security, Maintenance, Cleaning and managing Refurbishments.

Strategically, the Facility Manager can be involved in the long-term Infrastructure Planning including Maintenance Planning, Budgeting and Life Cycle Analysis of the Facility.

Quantity Surveyors can play an important role in Building Facility Management and can also make excellent Facility Managers.

A key Strategic role of the Facility Manager, is to prepare Budgets for Capital and Operational Expenditure. Quantity Surveyors can assist the Facility Manager by doing the Inspections, Estimating and presenting the Budgets

If you require a Building Facility Manager, tell us what type of Building you have and we will find the right Quantity Cost Professionals for you.

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A good Facility Manager will represent your interests and save you time and money.

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