Building Tender Process

What is a Building Tender Process?

What is a Building Tender Process?A Building Tender Process is where documentation, such as Drawings and Specifications are prepared ready for tender.

A Building Tender Process lets Builders know what they are expected to price and build. The more specific and accurate the information, means that the Builder will know more accurately what to build and how much it will cost.

Quantity Surveyors or Estimators are very skilled at preparing documentation for the Building Tender Process.

They can co-ordinate the design and working drawings from the Architect or Draftsman with the Specifications, or Bill of Quantities to make sure that everything is accurately and clearly set out.

This not only helps the Builder to understand everything that the Building Project requires but can also assist in getting more accurate pricing when it is put out to tender, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

A proper Building Tender Process can save you a lot of potentially nasty disputes later about what is included and what is not.

To get an appropriate Quantity Cost Professional to assist you with your Building Tender Process, just give us some details of what type of Building Project you doing and we will find suitable Quantity Surveyors or Estimators for you.

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