What Is A Bill Of Quantities?

What is a Bill of Quantities?

A Bill of Quantities is a Document that Itemizes and Costs all the Components and Items required to Construct a Building.

It is very useful for providing accurate costing prior to Construction commencing, because it provides specific listings and costs of everything that is to be done on the Building Project.

Because it can be such a detailed process, it is not used on all types of Building Projects. However, it can be very useful in many standard types of repetitive Building Construction Projects and larger and more complex Building Projects as well.

In Australia, the Australian Standard Method of Measurement (ASMM) is used in the content and formatting of a Bills of Quantities.

Bills of Quantities take the ‘guesswork’ out of what is required for the Building Project and also help to be very specific about what products are to be used. This means that all potential Tenderers will be submitting their price with the same information.

Quantity Surveyors and Estimators are very qualified to assist with doing Bills of Quantities for Building Projects.

If you have a Building Project that requires a Bills of Quantities, tell us what type of Building it is and we will find appropriate Quantity Surveyors or Estimators for you.

Just fill in your details in the box, on the top right hand side of your screen.

It could save you lots of money, time and effort.

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