Benefits Of Using A Quantity Surveyor

Benefits of Using a Quantity SurveyorThere are 3 major Benefits in selecting a Quantity Surveyor for your Building Project

1. A Quantity Surveyor can give you more confidence in getting a good end result by:

  • Being able to compare your Costs against other recent types of similar Building Projects
  • Giving not just Construction Costs but having the ability to provide Operational and Whole of Life Costs as well
  • Advising on how to minimise Time and Cost increases during Construction

2. A Quantity Surveyor can reduce your Risk by:

  • Helping you to make responsible and informed decisions
  • Giving you experienced advice on the best Cost Structures for your Building Project
  • Using an Expert in areas of Cost, Quality, Safety, Environment and Time

3. A Quantity Surveyor can give you better Cost Control by:

  • Establishing good Budgets from the start
  • Monitoring Costs through-out the Project
  • Maintaining Cashflows with properly staged Progress Payments
  • Getting the best Value for Money at all Stages of the Building Project

It is recommended that you use a Quantity Surveyor that is a member of a Professional Association, which will give you confidence, that you are using someone that is industry recognised.

Quantity Surveyors should be your first choice for anything to do with Building Costing

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