Why should I use someone that is a Member of a Professional Association?

Why should I use someone that is a Member of a Professional Association?Being a member of a Professional Association can demonstrate a commitment to ensure that they will uphold the quality and reputation of the Building Profession.

Using someone that is a member of a Professional Association can help in giving you “peace of mind” that the Quantity Surveyor or Estimator will abide by their Code of Professional Conduct and always have the satisfaction of the Client as one of their key outcomes.

Quantity Surveyors usually must have a tertiary degree qualification and are eligible for membership of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS), or acceptance into the AIQS was assessed on the skills and experience of the Candidate, by a Committee of their peers.

Many Quantity Surveyors are members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), which is an International Association with an Oceania Chapter that has offices in Australia.

Many Estimators are Members of the Master Builders and also the Housing Industry Association (HIA).

There are many Professional Bodies that are relevant to the Costing profession, but these are also available to other Professions, Tradespeople and the wider Community.

It should be noted that just because Quantity Surveyors or Estimators are not a members of a Professional Association, does not mean that they are not experienced or qualified to meet the Association’s criteria, however it can potentially give you the added assurance of their reputation.

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