Building Information Modelling

What is Building Information Modelling (BIM)?

What is Building Information Modelling?Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a computer-based way of digitally documenting and managing Building Project information.

This information is captured, to enable better decisions to be made, through-out the whole of the Building’s Life Cycle. It allows a Building to be designed virtually in a collaborative way and tested prior to any Construction taking place.

As Building Information Modelling has continued to develop, it originally started with 2D Computer-aided Drawing (CAD), then progressed to 3 Dimensional (3D) CAD Modelling. 4D BIM linked 3D CAD with Time Schedule information for all the Components and 5D BIM links Cost information to all the 4D BIM Components. 6D BIM is the ‘as Constructed’ Information for all of the Building’s Components used in a Building Project Life-Cycle Management System, for Facility Managers.

BIM Software is used by Governments, Businesses, Consultants and Individuals who Plan/Design, Construct and Maintain Buildings or any other types of Infrastructure.

Many Quantity Surveyors are skilled and experienced with all aspects of Costing, connected with Building Information Modelling.

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Building Information Modelling is very efficient and can save you lots of time and money.