Benefits Of Building Information Modelling (BIM)

The reduction of re-work and productivity gains made by the introduction of BIM have made it very popular with Clients and Building Professionals.

What are the benefits of Building Information Modelling?Through the ability to use Clash Detection, BIM reduces conflicts and costly changes in the Construction period.

Building Information Modelling can provide a visualisation of all aspects of a Building Project before any Construction takes place. BIM Information is easily retrieved and can be linked to all Consultants involved in the Building Project, which allows easy access to update any components simultaneously in real time.

The information required for Estimates, Tenders and other vital Building Project Information can be embedded and linked using Building Information Modelling.

Building Information Modelling has the potential to provide a platform for integrated Building Project delivery, improve sustainability outcomes through modelling, increases productivity through decreasing Variations during the Construction Stage and to provide a tool for Building Facilities Management and Building Asset Management.

Many Quantity Surveyors are very skilled and experienced with all aspects of Costing connected with Building Information Modelling.

Tell us what type of Building Project you want to use Building Information Modelling for and we will find appropriate Quantity Cost Professionals for you.

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BIM can be very efficient and can potentially save lots of time and money.

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