What Is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring the ownership of property

What is ConveyancingConveyancers are normally engaged when you are buying or selling a Property, Sub-dividing land or updating a Property Title.

Conveyancing for Buyers: When representing a Buyer, the Conveyancer will make sure that all the necessary legal documents are prepared properly and thoroughly research the Property, its History and if there are any easements or unusual features.

They are also responsible for holding the Deposit in a Trust Account and for working out any possible outstanding costs adjustments, such as Rates, Fees, etc… They act on the Buyers behalf and Settle the Property, whilst representing the Buyers Interests through-out the whole process.

Conveyancing for Sellers: When representing a Seller, the Conveyancer makes sure that all the necessary legal documents are in order and represent the Seller, whilst responding to the Buyers requests.

Although most Conveyancers are Lawyers, they do not need to be, but they should be licensed and have Professional Indemnity Insurance.

As with most things, if you are willing to spend the time and effort, you can do your own Conveyancing, but you also take on the full legal responsibility for the process.

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