Where to look for an Investment Property

Look for Investment Properties in areas where the Demand is high and the Supply is low.

These types of areas, automatically rise in price, which creates both Rental Growth and Capital Growth for your property investment.

Where to look for an Investment PropertyWhen looking at potential Investment Properties, start by asking yourself,

• Who is your ideal Tenant?
• What would they be looking for when renting a property?
• Is the location of the property going to be beneficial to potential tenants
• is there accessible public transport
• is it close shops and public facilities eg: Medical Centres
• what are the schools like in the area, both public and private
• does the suburb have a good reputation
• what are the Parks like in the area
• is the property close to industrial estates with noise and traffic.
• what are the roads surrounding the ment Properties that are close to possible noise and pollution from Main Roads, Railways and Airports.
• and the list continues

Being within a 10km Radius of a major City is also highly sought after quality by many Tenants.

When making a decision, on where buy an Investment Property, base it purely on the evidence and facts about the Property and the potential Return on Investment.

Taking the time to research these and other considerations will increase the desirability of your Investment Property.

Never base your property investing decisions on emotional things.

It is critical that you know as much about the Property and its location as possible before committing to purchase. It can save you a lot of money and heartache.

There are many excellent websites that can give you useful information about Properties and Locations through-out Australia.

There are lots of good books for learning how Property Investment works which can help you to learn and to start you on your journey to property investment success!

We’ve made a list of books that we have heard really good things about and have displayed some here in our Property Investing Resource Section.