Password Management

Managing Passwords for Internet Security

QC Tools Password ManagementOver time, we all collect lots of passwords and it will only continue to increase, as we join more and more website membership pages.

Of course, to have a strong password it has to be at least 8 (or more) characters that contains not only letters, but numbers and characters that you would not normally use, or didn’t know that they even existed until you had to set your password. 

You should also use a different password each time, so that if one of your passwords in compromised, you don’t have to update all your passwords.

Setting the password was the easy part, remembering it can sometimes be challenging or even embarrassing. How many passwords do you have 50, 100, 200+ ?

By using a Password Manager such as Roboform you don’t need to remember or type your passwords ever again and filling out forms automatically, rather than tediously filling them out manually becomes a breeze.

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